The 15th Annual Santa Teresa Charity Golf Tournament was held at Vista Hills Country Club on October 24, and was sponsored by more than 50 companies and organizations. Major sponsors of the tournament included Union Pacific, Paso del Norte Ltd. Partnership, Hub International, Vescovo Toyota, Global Perspectives Integrated and Prices Creamery, among others.

The tournament raises money for the Honors Program at Sunland Park, Desert View, and Riverside Elementary Schools in Sunland Park, New Mexico.  At the end of each school year, elementary students who have perfect attendance, good grades or who have performed an extraordinary act during the course of the year, are awarded medals and special presidential certificates.  This year, the tournament raised more than $12,100 for the schools. Since its inception, the tournament has donated more than $172,100 to the Honors Program.

According to Gadsden Independent School District Superintendent Efren Yturralde, “The Gadsden Independent School District had the highest percentage of increase in test scores in New Mexico. The Honors Program that is supported by this golf tournament is a major factor in this success.”

Santa Teresa Charity Golf Tournament 003