The Santa Teresa Charitable Foundation (STCF) presented a check for $9,200 to the Gadsden Independent School District’s Board of Directors at their monthly meeting on April 28, 2016. The money was raised by STCF via the Santa Teresa Charity Golf Tournament, and supports the Honors Programs at the Sunland Park, Riverside, and Desert View Elementary schools. Additionally, during the current year STCF has donated $2,300 in school uniforms and $2,400 for field trips to the school district’s elementary schools. During the past 16 years, STCF has donated more than $200,000 to support educational programs in the Gadsden Independent School District.

According to Gadsden Independent School District Superintendent Efren Yturralde, “Our school district continues to experience major test score increases, while being recognized as an innovator in education. The Santa Teresa Charitable Foundation is our partner in helping us to improve the education of our students.”

Major sponsors of STCF include, Paseo Del Norte Ltd. Partnership, IDI Gazely, El Paso Electric, Union Pacific, MCS Frames, Southwest Steel Coil, Texas Tech University Titan Development, CN Wire, Global Perspectives Integrated, CEMEX, Pepsi, and Prices Creamery.