About the STCF

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Our Board

The STCF board is made up of five members.
Jerry Pacheco - President
Joshua Orozco - Vice President
Priscila Gurrola - Treasurer
Ilse Arreola - Secretary
Susana Cisneros - Director

Our Story

In 2000, the Santa Teresa Real Estate Development Corporation (STRED) came up with the idea of hosting a golf tournament at the Santa Teresa Country Club as a way to give back to the community.

Meeting with GISD administrators to find out where help was most needed, it was decided that the tournament should support ways to increase school attendance at the elementary level.

Thus, the honors program at Sunland Park Elementary was created. The funds raised through the golf tournament would be used for an awards dinner where honor students would be recognized.

Students with near-perfect attendance or who overcame some major difficulty at school and their parents would be invited to the dinner and would receive recognition as an honor student.

The program was a success and the annual tournament is now on its 20th year. Over that time period, the tournament has raised and donated over $400,000 to the GISD in support of the honors programs and several elementary schools.

The Santa Teresa Charitable Foundation

In 2014, the organizers of the Santa Teresa Charity Golf Tournament sat down to discuss how they could do more for the community. As most things go, the answer was to raise more money but to do that we would need more than just a golf tournament.

It dawned on us that if we formed a 501(c)3 we could pursue larger donors who also had a stake in developing our community. The result of that meeting was the Santa Teresa Charitable Foundation.

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As the STCF has gotten larger we've wanted to ensure that our donations are having the impact we want. This has lead to closer collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, and GISD officials within our community.

Through this process the STCF has identified four areas of focus for our programs. These are:

  1. Attendance and hard work
  2. Reducing the impact of poverty
  3. Post-graduation help
  4. Educator excellence

We believe by focusing on these areas we can have the greatest positive impact on youth in our community. Working with our Teacher Ambassadors, the STCF develops programs that support these areas as well as come up with metrics to review the outcomes of those programs.

We still make grants available that are outside of these areas of focus because we understand that need and opportunities present themselves from time to time.


To our Sponsors

From the bottom of our hearts,

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